An American President’s Love Letter Wedding Inspiration

Here at the Boutique we adore a good love story above anything else, and so I was delighted to read about these beautiful love letters from American President Woodrow Wilson to his first wife, Ellen. She delighted in art, music and literature so it seems rather fitting for the boutique that the wonderful Liz Baker Photography has imagined her world for us today, and given us a glimpse into nineteenth-century romance.



“I write to beg that you will gratify me by taking a drive with me this afternoon. I shall call at five o’clock if that hour will suit your convenience…”

So began one of Woodrow Wilson’s messages to his first wife Ellen, penned in his own immaculate hand. Together they had three daughters and she went on to become First Lady.  Sadly she died during the second year of his Presidency.

Wilson is famed for his ardent letters to Ellen… In another message he wrote:

“Please go to ride with us this evening, precious little girl, so that I can whisper something in your ear—something of my happiness and love, and accept this, in the meantime, as a piece out of my very heart, which is all yours but cannot be sent as I wish to send it by letter.”

These simple notes from the late nineteenth-century inspired the images, taken in a beautiful Georgian Somerset townhouse.

Shot on Fuji Pro 400H by Liz Baker Photography | Developed & scanned by Carmencita Lab | Florals and calligraphy by Callie and Bea

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