I never called you a dream – cosy winter wedding knitwear inspiration

Today we welcome the wonderful Lucy Davenport Photography back to the blog for some perfect winter wedding inspiration in the form of bridal knitwear with a touch of old Hollywood magic and atmospheric settings, providing you with wonderful styling ideas perfect for the colder seasons.


I love to travel and the opportunities this brings up! I found myself travelling to Amsterdam for a conference last year so reached out to cashmere knitwear designers Klaartje and Ella from Madame Seguin who I’d recently come across via Instagram.

We decided to collaborate in what was a breathtaking location in Brussels. The Verbeke Foundation is an exhibition space and summed up perfectly in their own words:

Our exhibition space does not aim to be an oasis. Our presentation is unfinished, in motion, unpolished, contradictory, untidy, complex, inharmonious, living and unmonumental, like the world outside of the museum walls. You will find no flamboyant sensational buildings here but rather a refreshing, unpretentious place to look at art and a subtle criticism of the art world.

There were so many options here to shoot but for me, the main attraction was the exquisite glass house ‘Open space, Open Function by Jason van der Woude.

Madame Seguin’s core values include supporting the nomadic lifestyle and protecting Mongolia’s unique nature and wildlife and I wanted the shoot to compliment this.

We were delighted when Valentine Avoh agreed to join us with this shoot. Her bridal dress designs are beautifully textured in both design and fabrics, inspired by old movies, they helped to create movement and flare to compliment the cashmere.

In order to bridge the link between the outdoor location and the bridal looks, I asked Aesme to create some bespoke, hand drawn botanical stationery, utilising the element of nature.

Accessories were also key for this shoot as they needed to be help create a statement look. By using SIBO Designs for the veil, headpiece and cape as well as Cotton & Gems for the jewellery, the overall look was complete.

Team Credits
Photographer: Lucy Davenport
Location: Verbeke Foundation
Dress designer: Valentine Avoh
Knitwear designers : Madame Seguin
Accessories: SIBO Designs
Hair/MUA: Yente Hermans
Jewellery: Cotton & Gems
Botanical Drawings: Aesme
Model: Soetkin
Film Lab: Carmencita

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