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Elegant and minimal pink clear-glazed Porcelain bowl with a delicate gold rim. Perfect for serving, dining or as a stand-alone piece.

The bowl measures approximately 16cm (6.3″) in diameter and has a depth of around 4cm (1.6″).

My ‘DAY’ signature stamp is imprinted on the inside of the bowl.

Pink Porcelain slip is poured, caressed and allowed to dry in the mould before being refined by hand to create unique curved edges. Each bowl is bisque-fired in a kiln, and then smoothed, before clear glaze is applied using a hake brush. The bowl is fired to 1250 degrees Celsius over a twenty-four hour period and allowed to cool. The gold-lustre is delicately applied to the rim of the bowl using a thin brush, before a final firing to 800 degrees Celsius.

Each bowl is refined by hand, so will have its own individual charm! Please allow up to two weeks for your bowl to be crafted before being shipped.

I recommend that you wash your bowl by hand. Please avoid using hard scrubbing brushes or cleaning in a dishwasher, as this will wear down the gold rim detail over time.

Not suitable for microwave use.

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