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As she walks along the Seine, her eyes are drawn away from her path. Her senses are awoken as a delightfully natural scent washes past her. She spies a small flower market, as though it appeared right before her. She wanders below arches of ivy, past piles of roses, glass rooms filled with orchids forgetting she is in a city at all. Then, she spots them. A small green bucket filled with delicate pink: peonies in Paris, exactly where they belong.

Each print is available in three sizes:

7″ x 7″ (5×6 printed space)

8″ x 12″ (7×11 printed space w/ 1″ border)

12″ x 18″ (11×17 printed space w/1″border)

Printed with pigment inks on a beautifully textured high grade paper with archival qualities, these prints will last you a lifetime and have a wonderful feel when you hold them in your hands. The featured image shows the 8″ x 12″ option.

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