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In Paris, the rooftops cascade above you and beyond your sight in a spiral of cream and grey running off into eternity. The balcony’s and French windows beckon your eye with their beauty, sending your imagination running wild as you ponder who may be inside and what life they may be living. They are a constant imprint on your memory. When you think of Paris – you think of them. The rooftops are more than just rooftops.

Each print is available in three sizes:

7″ x 7″ (5×6 printed space)

8″ x 12″ (7×11 printed space w/ 1″ border)

12″ x 18″ (11×17 printed space w/1″border)

Printed with pigment inks on a beautifully textured high grade paper with archival qualities, these prints will last you a lifetime and have a wonderful feel when you hold them in your hands. The featured image shows the 8″ x 12″ option.

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