Wedding Day Bridal Beauty Tips from Victoria Fergusson

Today I’m thrilled to bring you some expert wedding day bridal beauty tips from hair and make-up artist (and talented accessory designer) Victoria Fergusson. I think it can be challenging to want to look amazing, but also feel comfortable and like yourself. So Victoria is on hand to help you present the best version of yourself on your wedding day. Here are her handy hints and tips on booking your hair and make-up artists, what to expect at your trial, and how to prepare for the wedding day itself.

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In advance

  • Do your research, not all make-up and hair stylists are the same. Everyone has their ‘look’ and you need to find the right person for you. Personally I specialise in natural, enhancing and classic make-up and hair looks. Review websites, Facebook and Instagram for current work, to get a really good idea of what they do.
  • Enquire about availability and book your hair & make-up artist as early as you can to secure your date. However, the trial is best left until a little nearer the wedding, my preferred timescale is 12-8 weeks before the wedding. Anything more and you risk changing your mind. It’s better for both parties to have the memory of the trial fresh in the mind. If you choose to have a trial a good few months before your wedding, be prepared that you may very well wish to repeat nearer the wedding, and be sure to budget for this.
  • Your trial will need to take place during good daylight, so consider you may need to take time off work for this. Expect to allow 3-4 hours for a full make-up and hair trial, it takes considerably longer than on the actual day as there is discussion and experimentation.
  • Be true to your personal style in all your choices. It’s not the time to be experimental. Enhanced natural beauty is best.
  • Select inspiration and ideas based closely on your own colouring and hair type, so it is a realistic expectation. Pinterest and magazines are brilliant for conveying your ideas clearly to your makeup artist, hair stylist. Share this in advance of your trial.
  • Trial everything in advance of the wedding, such as lash extensions, spray tan, especially if you’ve never had them before and share this kind of information with your make-up artist/stylist.
  • Keep to your familiar skin care routine and if you intend a program of facials or treatments, start them at least 6 months before the wedding.
  • Beware of sunburn and tan lines in the weeks leading up to your wedding day.
  • Get your brows in shape. Grow out if need be and then have professionally shaped.
  • If you are at home on the wedding morning, think about where you are going to get ready. You need good natural light. If you end up in a downstairs room, just consider you are more ‘available’ to everyone and the busy comings-and-goings of a wedding morning. Being upstairs means you can dip in and out, which is nice as you get closer to dressing and leaving, especially if you have a house full of people.
  • If you’re getting ready at a venue, check when you visit that the room you book has good natural light and all the facilities you need; dressing table mirror and full length mirror. It sounds obvious but it’s best to check. Also, If you are not staying the night before, make sure your room will be available early enough to start make-up and hair. Moving rooms mid proceedings is not ideal.
  • Allow plenty of time. Have a little timetable for those having make-up and hair. I work back from the time you want to be ready to get your start time and then create a running order, which of course can be flexible, but really helps to keep things on track.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to dress

At Your Trial

  • Have clean dry hair and don’t use too much product (especially serum) in your hair, let your stylist select this at the trial. It’s best not to straighten your hair on the morning of your trial, your stylist will want to see it in it’s ‘natural’ state. At the end of the trial your stylist will advise what’s best in way of preparation for your hair on the wedding morning; such as when to wash it and what product, if any, to use. You may need to start with wet or dry hair on the day.
  • Wear a white top with open neckline, bright colours & patterns are a distraction.
  • Take your make-up bag along as this can be helpful, especially if you have any favourite products you want used on the wedding day, lipstick for example.
  • Let your make-up artist know in advance if you have sensitive skin and/or allergies.
  • Share your ideas in advance, Pinterest is brilliant for this, and take pictures of your dress and other elements of your wedding styling – it’s all helpful and guides the stylist closer to your style and taste.
  • Have just one or possibly two people with you, trusted opinions can be helpful but lots of opinions are confusing! Remember, yours is the most important opinion.
  • Take any accessories you intend to wear on the day to your trial; jewellery, hair adornments, veil for example.
  • Avoid trends, classic looks never date, but be clear about what you like and don’t be bullied into something you don’t want.
  • Be honest at your trial, if there’s something you don’t like, say so, don’t necessarily expect to get the look right straight away, a little experimenting and fine tuning will bring you to the perfect finish.
  • Take photos from all angles, in natural light as well as artificial light, so you can properly review the results.
  • Ask your make-up artist what products you might need on the wedding day for touch ups. I always let brides know details of the blusher and lipstick used for example, then they can be purchased for the day.
  • Discuss other members of the wedding party who will need make-up and hair on the day and the looks desired. I ask the bride to encourage her bridesmaids to email me a photo of themselves and a couple of ‘inspiration’ looks. Preparation is everything. Talk about timings, so a little timetable can be worked out. If you have a large party be prepared that an assistant may be required, which will add to the fee.
  • I like to follow up consultations with an email and ask brides for feedback, any observations they may have made later on after the trial, such as any issues with shine or how they got on with individual lashes, that sort of thing. Anything relevant can then be added to their notes.

On The Day

  • Make sure you are bathed/showered before your makeup artist/hair stylist arrives – unless there’s quite a party of you and you’re not first in the chair, you can expect to be advised on all this at your trial.
  • Beware of socks or bra straps – you don’t want elastic marks!
  • Wear a robe, preferably without big fluffy hood or collar, or something that you can unbutton – you don’t want to cut off your top so as not to destroy your hair and make-up by pulling it over your head! It’s likely you’ll be photographed at this stage of the day, so choose something pretty.
  • Have a little bag for lipstick, powder and blusher. Plus a few spare hairpins and cotton buds.
  • Summer weddings… Vintage cars don’t have air-con, so maybe have a fan or a cooling spray you can use on wrists and ankles to stay cool.

Huge thanks to Victoria Fergusson for all this fantastic advice – if you’d like to check her availability for your wedding then contact her here, or browse her beautiful accessorises and jewellery in her Boutique shop.

Photography credits: Eddie Judd, Lydia Stamps, and Darren Lovell

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